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GAME: F1 2019

During the Coronavirus outbreak, and the resulting postponement to the F1 2020 Calendar, Formula 1 has turned to Video Games and Simulators to give us our racing fix. Several large Esport groups have organised replacement virtual races in the past few weeks. We have listed some of the ones that will feature F1 drivers and other notable figures in the online gaming world or real world racing communities.

Below we list any that have caught our eye that should offer some exciting and fun viewing experiences. Max Verstappen and Lando Norris are already active in Esports streaming, but expect others to join as the delay due to Covid 19 continues to extend the delay in racing in real life.

Officially organised ESport event from F1, the second race they have organised during the global pandemic will happen on 8pm (UK Time) 5th April (Sunday) and will use the Melbourne GP Circuit (Albert Park):

For any official F1 Virtual GP’s taking place on a Sunday a cancelled race was due to occur, the official TV broadcasters will show the Virtual races live:

UKSky Sports F1
NetherlandsZiggo Sport
GermanySky Sport Formel 1
Spain Movistar Fórmula 1
Italy Sky Sport F1

F1 Youtube Channel will stream Virtual GPs live live. We recommend checking out Lando’s Twitch channel though, far more entertaining to watch!

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Notable F1 & Motorsport Related Streamers:

Twitch is the main place to find the F1 drivers who do live streams:

Lando Norris on Twitch (Streams most days): https://www.twitch.tv/landonorris Races in F1 Virtual GPs, IndyCar Virtual Races, guest appearances on other official esports & casual gaming.
Charles Leclerc: https://twitch.tv/charlesleclerc Races in F1 Virtual GPs
George Russell https://www.twitch.tv/gr63 Races in F1 Virtual GPs
Alex Albon https://www.twitch.tv/albon/ Races in F1 Virtual GPs

Links to Popular Streaming Sites:

Veloce YoutubeVeloce TwitchLando Norris on Twitch
Jimmy Broadbent YoutubeFormula 1 official Youtube