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Updated 2021 F1 Calendar

Date Race Status / Support Races Winner
28th March 2021 R1. Sakhir, Bahrain F2 Hamilton
18th April 2021 R2. Imola, Italy   Verstappen
2nd May 2021 R3. Portimão, Portugal   Hamilton
9th May 2021 R4. Barcelona, Spain F3 Hamilton
23rd May 2021 R5. Monte Carlo, Monaco F2 Verstappen
6th June 2021 R6. Baku, Azerbaijan F2 Perez
20th June 2021 R7. Le Castellet, Franc F3 Verstappen
27th June 2021 R8. Spielberg, Austria   Verstappen
4th July 2021 R9. Spielberg, Austria F3 Verstappen
18th July 2021 R10. Silverstone, United Kingdom *** Features the F1 Sprint *** F2 Hamilton
1st August 2021 R11. Budapest, Hungary F3 Ocon
29th August 2021 R12. Spa Francochamps, Belgium F3 Verstappen
5th September 2021 R13. Zandvoort, Nethrlands F3 Verstappen
12th September 2021 R14. Monza, Italy *** Features the F1 Sprint *** F2 Ricciardo
26th September 2021 R15. Sochi, Russia F2, F3 Hamilton
10th October 2021 R16. Istanbul, Turkey   Bottas
24th October 2021 R17. Austin, TX, USA   Verstappen
7th November 2021 R18. Mexico City, Mexico   Verstappen
14th November 2021 R19. Sao Paulo, Brazil   Hamilton
21st November 2021 R20. Qatar   Hamilton
5th December 2021 R21. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia F2 Hamilton
5th Dec 2021 R22. Abu Dhabi, UAE F2 Verstappen

The Formula One 2021 Races and Winners.

DRIVERS’ WORLD CHAMPION: Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, Honda Power


source: Formula One

F2 and F3 will no longer be alongside each other except Russia. Instead, for cost cutting reasons, they will do fewer tracks but 3 races per weekend.

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